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Lillington 3rd
Nelson Oak 3rd
Oakhouse 4th
Harbury 1st
Lillington 2nd
Nelson 2nd
Oakhouse 2nd

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Results For Nelson 2nd
WeekHome Team ScoreAway Team 
1 Nelson 2nd3 - 4Lillington 2nd Info
2 Oakhouse 4th2 - 5Nelson 2nd Info
3 Nelson Oak 3rd3 - 4Nelson 2nd Info
4 Nelson 2nd2 - 5Lillington 3rd Info
5 Oakhouse 2nd5 - 2Nelson 2nd Info
6 Nelson 2nd3 - 4Harbury 1st Info
7 Cubbington2 - 5Nelson 2nd Info
8 Lillington 2nd4 - 3Nelson 2nd Info
9 Nelson 2nd5 - 2Oakhouse 4th Info
10 Nelson 2nd1 - 6Nelson Oak 3rd Info
11 (P)Lillington 3rd4 - 3Nelson 2nd Info
12 Nelson 2nd4 - 3Oakhouse 2nd Info
13 Harbury 1st5 - 2Nelson 2nd Info
14 Nelson 2nd5 - 2Cubbington Info
15 Nelson 2nd5 - 2Lillington 2nd Info
16 Oakhouse 4th3 - 4Nelson 2nd Info
17 Nelson Oak 3rd6 - 1Nelson 2nd Info
18 Nelson 2nd5 - 2Lillington 3rd Info
19 Oakhouse 2nd4 - 3Nelson 2nd Info
20 Nelson 2nd2 - 5Harbury 1st Info
21 Cubbington3 - 4Nelson 2nd Info


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